You can email us (address below)
or call us @413-464-0300

As previuosly stated in all descriptions, each of my ornaments is individually handcrafted,
and as such, no 2 ornaments will be exactly alike.
It is for this reason that we prefer to sell our products "face to face"
so that you can see exactly what you are buying., however, we would be happy to ship items if needed.
Please feel free to call us to set up a personal showing, or if you prefer, you can invite a few friends
over and host a party. You can even earn free merchandise!
color choices
The shimmer paper that is used for all the paper cutouts
comes in many different colors.
Unfortunately, they do no photograph well!
I will attempt to descibe them for you: all colors are "jewel tone".
There's a dark forest green, a light mint green, a dark blue and a teal blue..
There's also gold, copper and a kind of a champagne color.
A rich burgundy and a purplely kind of mauvey color (obviously that one's hard to describe!) round out the selection.
For the friendship balls, the ball color choices are tourquoise blue., gold, purple and pink.
All of these are in a pearl finnish..
For the embossed christmas ornaments the colors are shown in picture @ right..
Please feel free to call with any questions!
ornament sizes
The original Christmas ornaments come in 3 sizes: standard which is 3 inches, medium which is 5 inches and large which is 6 1/2 inches. These measurements are from top of ornament to bottom of crystal.
The ceramic ornaments are 3 inch diameter for the round, 4x4 for the snowflake and the 3 trees are 3 1/2 x 4..
For the glass ornaments, the round are 3 3/4 inch diameter and the oval is 3x4.