Seems like I've been a crafter forever, but rubber stamping has been my main focus for over 15 years now.....
I began making my Christmas ornaments back in 2012, giving them as gifts and selling them to coworkers.
From there, I've expanded my horizons!
My husband Bob, the love of my life, has offered unending encouragement and support and is a major part of 
It's all Ornamental!
Every ornament is individually handcrafted in my craft studio in our Massachusetts home.
In 2012 my sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Devastated, I searched for something that I could do to help her, to somehow make her feel "better", or at the very least to show my support. I needed her to know that I care, I love her, and am here for her. (not an easy feat when we live 3 hours apart).
During this time I was busy making my Christmas ornaments, so I had the thought of crafting a special ornament just for her. I wanted it to be different from the others; definitely not a Christmas ornament. So I made her one replacing the crystal with a cross charm to signify the power of prayer. I sent it to her with a card telling her to put somewhere where she would see it often, and that every time she looked at it, I wanted her to remember that I was thinking of her and praying for her recovery.
She loved it. I think it brought her a small measure of comfort (and I felt good being able to do that for her).
The story could have ended there, but here's the amazing thing; even while dealing with this horrible monster we call cancer, my incredible, sweet, selfless sister was thinking of others. She asked me to make her 2 more ornaments
that she could in turn give to two of her friends that had each tragically lost a son.
Then she asked for another one to give to a "new friend" she had met at her chemo sessions......
and so the Prayer Ornament was born.
It's my sister who suggested that I make these ornaments into a business and I thank her for her continued support and encouragement.  I would also ask that you say a prayer for her, as she continues her battle even now.